Juice Cleanse App


The Challenge

For General Assembly's student project, we created an app to support Whole Foods customers during their juice cleanse.  Our concept was a cleanse tracker for users to follow their progress and earn an additional 5% discount for each day completed.

Our Goal : Creating an app that encourages users to complete their juice cleanse

My Role: UX Writer


The Team: 3 UX designers and myself


Timeline: 3 weeks


We interviewed users who had tried juice cleanses to discover their priorities and pain points.

This showed us to focus on:

  • Fostering motivation

  • Encouraging healthiness

  • Playing up the investment

Group 628.png

Brand Voice

I researched Whole Food's written content to find the familiar voice that users would feel at home with. The voice was flexed at different journey points to make sure the tonality matched the moment.

Group 624.png

User Flows

We used our research to create two user personas: Erica is an experienced juice cleanser, while Mika is new to cleansing. We then developed two flows to show how they each might use the app.. The primary user flow is explored further below.

Group 627.png

Push notification

The notification here is for a big moment- the final juice to track. The language mirrors users' excitement to finish the cleanse.

Group 632.png

Welcome Interstitial

This screen appears every time users open the app, and playfully reminds users they are already invested in the cleanse.

Group 615.png

Home Screen

The text's playfulness is dialed back so users can find the info they need, and get where they need to go.

Group 616.png

Juice Tracker

The user is about to finish the cleanse, so the instructional text directs the user in a clear and encouraging way.​

Group 619.png

Cleanse Completion / Coupon

Users just achieved a hard-earned goal, so the language here is tailored to delight them..

The headline text remains upbeat throughout, and then toned down for the coupon details.

Group 633.png

Give It A Try

Grab a cup of juice and try out our tracker :)

Group 634.png